Pre-Interview Tool & Visit of School Tool
Globalise offers the best consultation service for school application interviews.
The interview step is perhaps the most difficult stage of the application process and the one that causes the most issues for the student. Globalise uses PIT (Pre-Interview Tool) to put the student through very extensive preparations and increase their chances for success during the interview.
With PIT, prior to the interview:
  • 1. Globalise PIT, provides the student with information about questions that may be asked during the interview and guides the student regarding how they should answer them.
  • 2. During the PIT process, a trial interview is held which is very similar to the actual school interview. A consultant from Globalise's headquarters in the U.S. interviews the student by SKYPE (or telephone). The goal is to get the student to relax and overcome his or her anxiety about conducting the interview in English.
  • 3. Globalise also prepares a very detailed file of the candidate to send to school and the official who will conduct the interview. This file helps the interviewer automatically skip some questions during the interview and allow the candidate to start speaking at the higher level.
Consider visiting the schools you are considering for your child.
Your itinerary will be planned with individual attention to your needs and interests by Globalise. Throughout your visit, a Globalise consultant will accompany the student and family. Your visit may include a tour of the school’s campus while you learn more about the school. Whenever possible you will meet with an admissions representatives and an interview will be scheduled.

With the VST (Visit School Tool) families will have the chance to know much more about the country and selected schools.
The VST makes selecting a school easy.
  • 1. All arrangements, including, overnight accommodations, local transportation, school appointments are organized by Globalise.
  • 2. During the VST, a Globalise consultant will accompany you.
  • 3. Before each school visit, the student and family will be informed about the school, its signature programs, and the administrators.
  • 4. After each visit, the results of the visit will be critiqued.