Frequently Asked Questions
  • Religion
    Most schools have an affiliation to the Anglican or Catholic church. Children who are practicing members of another religion (e.g. Muslims, Jews) may ask to be excused attendance at religious services.
  • When should I register my child in Independent School?
    Best to register with schools at least two years before your child is due to start.
  • What is flexi-boarding?
    This means that a school accepts "part-time" boarders. Flexi-boarding allows pupils to board for part of the week and to attend as a day pupil for the rest of the week, or to board on an occasional basis.
  • How can I become a student in UK?
    Applying to high schools in UK is a process with several steps. Some steps will differ from school to school; the most important thing is that you should successfully complete the admissions process. Your application tells a story about you and your accomplishments. This is a multiple-part process and there is a lot to keep track of but Globalise helps you with your work.
  • Can I bring my family with me to the first meeting?
    Yes, we definitely would like your family to come to the meetings. At the first meeting with our Hi-GROWintro tool, Globalise invites you and your parents to discuss the range of services we offer. Globalise education counselors will give you information regarding the overall application process. They will discuss the different options available to you. You and your family will have the opportunity to present your views and requirements in this general introduction meeting.
  • What are the entrance requirements of the program?
    Independent schools in UK accept students from kindergarden through grade 12. Each school has their specific conditions for admissions. Please make sure that you are aware of them. Globalise will help you in the application procedure and your best matching school for your needs.Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • What types of diploma program can I join?
    UK independent schools satisfy admittance requirements to universities throughout the world, as well as universities in UK. These include the IGCSE, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), A Levels.
  • What are the important points of UK education system?
    Students are welcomed into a multicultural environment and a world of respect and understanding. Each and every student contributes through his/her own culture and religion to making UK institutions part of a global village. UK education system unites all the possible elements to prepare each alumnus to become a world citizen. Globalise’s experienced advisors will help you to understand strengths of UK Education System during Hi-GROWintro program.
  • Do I have to have perfect foreign language capabilities in order to get accepted to the program?
    As a student moving to a new country, you must be proficient in the language of the country in which you plan to study. The Globalise Hi-GROWtest program evaluates and measures your foreign language proficiency level. It also helps you to develop your language skills further, if necessary. In order to continue your education abroad, students in the 7th, 8th and 9th grades take internationally recognized tests to document foreign language proficiency. Of course, the Hi-GROWtest program guides you through this testing process to ensure your success. Globalise collaborates with trusted and experienced partners to prepare you for all foreign language proficiency tests.

    UK independent schools that Globalise works with, have ESL (English as a Second Language) support for students whose native or primary language is one other than English.
  • What one can expect from UK Independent Schools?
    For UK Schools that Globalise works with, preparation for university study is their primary goal. This goal includes the academic rigor of a broad and deep curriculum, learning the habits of scholarship and intellectual inquiry, combining the essential ideas and values of the classical Western tradition and world cultures with the dynamic changes of the modern world, and developing a moral and ethical basis for approaching current and future perspectives.
  • Does Globalise help with the visa process?
    In most cases, you must obtain a student visa if you want to study in UK. In addition students, also need to prepare various other documents. Globalise works with partners to help the students to obtain their study permit as smootly as possible.
  • How will a studying abroad make me a better student?
    Studying abroad is a priceless experience that a student can have. What one gets out of the experience depends on each person and the unique circumstances but here are some benefits that Globalise past students most frequently talk about:

    • Enrichment of academic experience with world standarts
    • Improved foreign language skills
    • Become more adaptable, assertive and independent
    • Develop a global mindset and respect for others
    • Understanding one’s own self, cultural values and biases
    • Ability to think more originally and to see more than one perspective on an issue
    • Prepare for a top university in the world
    • Develop tangile career benefits for the long-term
  • Does Globalise support me after I start my study abroad experience?
    Yes, with our Hi-GROWmore tool,Globalise stands by you and your parents from the first day at school until graduation. The school’s faculty and staff will provide a lot of help regarding the educational and social needs of foreign students. Globalise counselors check your progress frequently and share the news of your successes with your family. Similarly, when your parents have any questions or requests, Globalise communicates them to the school as quickly as possible and in the best way. Nevertheless, Globalise will always be within easy reach to give you support with any requests, questions or need for assistance.
  • Does Globalise have an orientation program that prepares me for my study abroad experience?
    Yes, while you wait in anticipation for your departure day, Globalise puts you through its Hi-GROWsocial Program, a specially designed orientation program. As part of this program you attend an informative camp to learn more about living and studying abroad. The camp has many objectives, including understanding the culture and habits of the country you will be living in; familiarizing you with the local environment; and, meeting students from other countries. The Hi-GROWsocial Program also includes discussions about academic classes and selecting extra-curricular activities. The program also lets you share your experiences and provides tips on quick integration to social life in school.

    In addition, Globalise invites former boarding school students to the orientation program to provide information about their experiences. This allows you to get comprehensive information on likely scenarios and learn how to cope with potential problems.