About Us
Globalise is a non-profit US based educational organization, which has more than 30 years of experience providing students the opportunity to study in high schools around the world. We have been working with students from various countries and are committed to creating a strong cultural bond between the nations.

Our Philosophy with Students and Parents:
We provide young, talented international students an irreplaceable school experience overseas that will deepen their academic comprehension, respect for other peoples and cultures, and their understanding of the realities of our global community.

Our Philosophy with Schools:
Globalise believes in the quality, variety and excellence of educational programs offered in United States boarding schools. Throughout the year, Globalise works tirelessly to introduce the uniqueness of boarding school programs to the international community. With our strong network of partner schools, we are committed to matching the right school with the right student, bringing global perspective, culture and diversity to all corners of the world.

Our Network
Globalise currently have partners in Turkey, Eastern Europe, Brazil, and Middle Eastern countries. We work closely with our partners to make the process of helping students who would like to study in the U.S. high schools much easier. We are always looking to develop new partnerships and if you are interested in meeting with us, please let us know through the New Partners Introduction Form.

Our network also contains many institutions. Through the Globalise Multinational Academic Partnership GROW Program (MAP-GROW), we bring together schools from all over the world to form partnerships that are always mutually beneficial. To learn more about our MAP-GROW program, please click here.

Our Goal: Success in Global Education

The Hi-GROW Program is an innovative program designed to allow students to begin the application process for study abroad one-step ahead of the rest of everyone else. Its objective is to place the students in the school that best meets their strengths and helps them achieve their educational goals. The Hi-GROW Program incorporates various tools that allow Globalise to work with our students step by step in detail. To learn more about our Hi-GROW Program, please click here.

Hi-GROW Social Program
Each year, Globalise conducts an orientation program for all of its students before they begin their study abroad journeys. The main goal of the orientation program is to provide answers to the many questions that students have and will need to be successful at their new schools. The purpose of each session and workshop is to provide students with an understanding of the culture and social fabric of their host country. An emphasis is also placed on learning about the educational system the Globalise student would be studying in. A group of former students are also invited to the orientation program and these experienced past students give do’s and don’ts of living and studying abroad. To learn more about Globalise Hi-GROW Social Program, please click here. Memberships:
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