Academic Partnership
The Globalise Multinational Academic Partnership GROW Program (MAP-GROW) is designed to assist schools by increasing their global visibility and strengthening their global presence. In today’s global village, it is essential that institutions work together across boundaries, share regional expertise, and collaborate in an effort to make our world a better place. Globalise intends to draw together schools in its network from all over the world in order to form partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

The MAP-GROW program incorporates various tools and progresses one step at a time:

1)MAP-GROW Intro: Globalise will share detailed information about the MAP-GROW system with the interested institution. This introduction will provide a general picture of the process and the expectations. This also allows Globalise the opportunity to better acquaint itself with the candidate institution.
2)MAP-GROW Confirm: A Letter of Intent will be prepared and sent to potential partner schools.
3)MAP-GROW Explore: Potential partner school(s) will be visited and evaluated by the candidate school.
4)MAP-GROW Select: As a result of a profile and goal analysis, a partner school will be selected.
5)MAP-GROW Visit: Additional school visits are scheduled through Globalise’s Visit School Tool (VST).
6)MAP-GROW Socialise: Students and/or teachers of the partner schools may be exchanged for short-term assignments/projects.
7)MAP-GROW More: Globalise supports the partner schools throughout the MAP-GROW program and have regular meetings and visits for further development and goal setting.

Why should your school be an Academic Partner?

•The entire step-by-step process is professionally documented, managed and supported by Globalise
•As a result of a Globlise managed profile and goal analysis, your school will have a greater opportunity to find your best match partner that perfectly fits your program needs
•A chance to observe and experience new and different procedures and strategies involving technology and the know-how of other schools
•An opportunity to be represented on the global level and enhance your institution’s global recognition by partnering with other prestigious schools
•Globalise will provide orientation programs to introduce your MAP-GROW system to students and their families
•Globalise supports the entire visit process, including communication, logistics and scheduling
•Globlise provides your institution a chance to test yourself, grow and further improve your programs
•A chance to be distinguished and set your school apart from other institutions

If you would like to request a detailed catalogue or learn more about Globalise the MAP-GROW system, please contact us here. Memberships:
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