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  • Strong on Fine Arts
    Fine Arts

     Fine arts have long had a powerful effect on how people perceive the world around them. Those who immerse themselves in the fine arts can further development their imagination and critical thinking skills. The risks taken when creating art also help to strengthen problem-solving skills, articulate vision and make decisions.

  • Strong on Music

    What is it about playing music that stimulates the mind? According to John J. Ratey, MD in A User’s Guide to the Brain “The musician is constantly adjusting decisions on tempo, tone, style, rhythm, phrasing, and feeling--training the brain to become incredibly good at organizing and conducting numerous activities at once. Dedicated practice of this orchestration can have a great payoff for lifelong attention skills, intelligence, and an ability for self-knowledge and expression.”

  • Strong on History

    It’s true that most people who study history do not become historians. More often than not they become business professionals, politicians, and teachers. We live in the present and are constantly thinking about the future. What can the past teach us?

  • Strong on Math and Science
    Math & Science
    In these evolving times the world needs innovative minds to help solve the difficult problems in this global community we live in. Whether your interests lie in mathematical theories, web technology, or the development of new medicines, the study of math and science will help you achieve your goals.
  • Strong on Language Arts Program
    Language Arts
    Rapidly, we are stretching and expanding across the borders of language. Language is a wonderful gift that allows us to connect with others around us. Through the study of language arts, i.e., reading, writing, speaking and listening you will be better equipped to communicate challenging ideas across boundaries.
  • Strong on Humanities/Social Sciences
    Social Sciences
    Can you live in our global society without being aware of the world around you? Whether we like it or not economics, psychology, sociology, journalism, law and politics all affect our daily lives. And the more you know of these topic’s inner workings the more you will be able to make informed decisions regarding your life and your future career. 

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